Nowadays Trams are equipped with as many sub-systems as any other train, including TCMS, PIS, Event recorder and Air conditioning. We can help you to design a single system for easier and more cost-efficient tram operation and maintenance.
system integration

In trams more than any other pubblic transport, space is scarce. Trainnet® enables you to develop a very compact system to manage your train by integrating all tram sub-systems (including third party sub-systems) into one common platform for maximum synergies and efficiency. Hybrid Train Communication Networks (TCN) combining different bus technologies (e.g. WTB, MVB, CAN, S/L and Ethernet) can be created, for instance in a case of refurbishment. Your tram architecture is greatly simplified and cabling reduced, thus enabling costs savings at the system design, operation and maintenance levels.

train automation

The Trainnet® Train Control and Management System (TCMS) is responsible for the automation of your tram, making operations easier and faster while increasing safety and reliability. The Trainnet® TCMS gives one point of control over all sub-systems, monitoring their status and providing diagnostics in real-time to the driver and maintenance depot.

The TCMS automatically takes action and issues relevant instructions, simplifying tram management. Trainnet® allows automation of almost any sub-system: see illustration below for the most common examples.


Trainnet® Passenger Information Systems (PIS) and Public Announcement Systems (PA) can be used to implement and control communications with passengers. Travel information and safety messages can be shared via displays, loud speakers and mobile devices. Train-to-wayside Communications are also supported.


Trainnet® can also include Event Recorders, emergency intercoms and video surveillance systems (CCTV) to improve safety. Trainnet® dead man’s switch functionality can also increase safety.


 CAF Urbos 3 Trams (Spain)
Stuttgart Trams (Germany)
Astra Trams (Romania)

A full list of references is available here.


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With Trainnet®, you can build a complete system for your train:
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