Train-to-wayside Communication System

Train-to-Wayside Communication System

Train-to-Wayside Communication System

Trainnet® Train-to-Wayside Communication System enables wireless communication to operation centres and remote locations in general.

EKE Trainnet Train-to-wayside Communication System

The Trainnet® TWC is built upon the powerful Trainnet® platform (TCMS and/or TCN).

Trainnet® Train-to-Wayside Communication System (TWC) is an emitter-receiver used to exchange information wirelessly between the train and other locations, typically the operation centre or depot. Information sent to the wayside may include the main train performance parameters, the train location (when equipped with GPS), as well as maintenance and safety information.

fully integrated system

Trainnet® Train-to-Wayside Communication System (TWC) is an extension of Trainnet® Train Communication Network (TCN). It is connected to the TCN and can be programmed to send to the wayside any set of data available from the network. This timely exchange of information enables remote diagnostic and faster response times from the maintenance team. Similar data can be gathered from all trains for fleet management purposes. Data can be stored at a remote location for analysis or for archiving. Finally, information can also be sent from the operating centre to the train. For instance train destination or other information for the Passenger Information Systems can be set from the depot.

wireless technologies

While GSM technology (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS) is usually used, WLAN and Satellite communication systems are also available. GSM allows real-time transfer of important telemetric information.

WLAN transmission (usually occurring at the stations) can be used when large amounts of information need to be sent. Finally, satellite can be used in remote locations where other communication networks are not available.

tailored to your needs

Over 25 years of experience in train automation has taught us every project is different. Trainnet® TWC technology can be adapted to match your needs. You can select the wireless technology you want to use, and technical specifications in general. EKE can select or recommend a third-party emitter- receiver for you based on your specifications or use some you have chosen. Similarly, you can develop your own Software applications or let EKE provide you with a turnkey system.



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