Train Inspection Program (TIP)

Train Inspection Program (TIP)

EKE Trainnet® TIP Graphical View EKE Trainnet® TIP Block View EKE Trainnet® TIP Numerical View EKE Trainnet® TIP Multiple View
Operating System:
Windows 8, 7, XP or Vista
RAM Memory:
2 to 4 GB
Hard Drive:
120 GB or more (if large ER files)
Dual core processor
If laptop is used, external HD display would be preferred to ease the analysis of Event Recorder data.

The Trainnet® Train Inspection Program (TIP) is a Software tool used for the transfer and analysis of the data recorded in the Trainnet® Event Recorders. The tool allows for the visualization, analysis and printing of the records, as well as real-time train monitoring.

key features

The Software is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. The Data can be downloaded with the TIP Software by connecting a PC or a USB memory stick to the Trainnet® Event Recorder.

The TIP has been designed with the ease of use and customization in mind. The Software is able to display the data in several ways such as graphically and numerically or with signal states and comprehensive reports. The Trainnet® TIP can also be configured to show exactly the information needed for a specific task. The user can instantly locate points of interest in a large data log, or archived registrations for later use. The data views can be customized to suit your specific needs, with everything from colors to line types.

TIP enables you to select exactly the information you require for your analysis. You can for example analyze any numbers or combination of signals displayed along with a scale and a time-period of your choosing. The TIP also enables you to locate an incident or a particular piece of information by using the built-in search and statistical functions.

The Event Recorder data can be archived on a computer, where each registered individual data file can be retrieved for later analysis with the Software. The TIP also allows the saving of a selected portion of recorded data to a new file, without modifying the original data in any way.

TIP has a feature that enables you to display several data files simultaneously. This feature enables you to easily compare different types of data from the same track sections. The feature can also be used for driver comparison and to reveal slow changes in signals (trends).

The data can also be exported to a third party application as the data can be converted to an open format (CSV file).

The TIP Tool also provides an on-line monitoring feature that allows you to monitor any selection of signals in the car in real-time, without interfering with the Trainnet® Event Recorder's normal operations. Under all conditions, the TIP Software tool ensures that your data is kept confidently with the highest levels of integrity.

Published on: 2018-05-15

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