Automation and Diagnostic Applications

Automation and Diagnostic Applications

Automation and Diagnostic Applications

Trainnet® systems can be programmed to run various applications for train automation or train sub-system diagnostics. EKE has the expertise to develop all or a part of the Software for you, or alternatively provide training, tools and guidance to support your own developments.

Trainnet® systems such as Trainnet® TCMS and VCU can run applications used for the monitoring and automation of train sub-systems icon video.

Diagnostic applications can be designed to issue warnings when preset limits are crossed or in case of technical error. The applications can even be programmed to give instructions or take corrective actions automatically. Such applications reduce response times and increase train availability. Controlled sub-systems and functions may include:

HVAC: Heating, cooling, air flow monitoring, fresh air intake management, condensation and evaporation monitoring etc.

Doors: Opening, closing, locking, jammed door detection etc.

Lights: On/off, dimming, day/night setup implementation etc.

CCTV: Camera status, automatic display relelant screen to the driver in case of incident etc.

 Tank levels: Levels of fresh water and used water, level of oil tanks etc.

Batteries: Charge / discharge monitoring etc.

Brakes and traction: Status, brake temperature, traction effort etc.

PIS/PA system: Send text and audio messages, play videos, share news or infotainment services etc.

Programming can be done either with the ISaGRAF PLC Software or C language. You can freely develop your applications or let EKE do it for you.


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