Remote I/O Module (RIOM)



EN 50155
EN 45545

Dimensions (W x H x D):
3U 44TE Rack
280 mm x 133 mm x 215 mm
(installation width 240 mm)
3U 84TE Rack
483mm x 133mm x 215 mm
(installation width 443 mm)
44TE option
2.6 Kg (+ I/O module weights)
84TE option
4 Kg (+ I/O module weights)
Input Power:
24…36 V DC -30/+25%
or 48…110 V DC -30/+25%
Temperature Range (operational):
-40 °C…+70 °C
MTBF (40 ºC ambient temperature):
Depends on installed I/O modules
Interface Options:
Ethernet RIOM:
1 x 10/100 Mbit/s M12
Electrical Medium Distance (EMD)
with two sub D-9 connectors
(Isolated Electrical Short Distance (ESD) physical interface)

module functions

The Trainnet® RIOM enables data input and output within the vicinity of the I/O sources.

It is used as an alternative to connecting I/O sources directly to the train computer (e.g. VCU) and it can lead to reduced cabling and thus cost savings.

key features

The RIOM supports both analogue and digital inputs/outputs. Most Trainnet® I/O module can be used, including Analogue Input Module (AIM), Analogue Output Module (AOM), Digital Input/Output Module (DIO), Digital Relay Output (DRO) and Pt-100 temperature Sensor Input (PTI). You can find out more about these modules by reading the dedicated datasheets or by contactinga a Sales representative at EKE..

The Trainnet® RIOM includes an interface module used for the communications with the train computer. It is also equipped with an independent power supply (Trainnet® PSR module).


 The Trainnet® Ethernet RIOM is equipped with one Ethernet interface for connectivity with the train computer (CPE module).
The Trainnet® MVB RIOM uses MVB interfaces to connect with the train computer. By default, the MVB physical interface is Electrical Medium Distance (EMD) with two sub D-9 connectors. Electrical Short Distance with optical isolation (ESD+) mediums are available upon request.

Number of modules:
 In its most compact version, RIOM can use up to 8 EKE Trainnet® I/O modules and be fitted into a 44TE rack.
A 84TE rack version is also available as an option to fit up to 18 I/O modules.

Published on: 2020-08-10

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