Portable System Tester (PST)

Portable System Tester (PST)

EKE Trainnet® PST Database View EKE Trainnet® PST Programmable Recorder
Operating System:
Windows 8, 7, XP or Vista
RAM Memory:
2 to 4 GB
Hard Drive:
40 GB
Dual core processor

The Trainnet® Portable System Tester (PST) is a Software tool used to perform diagnostics and configurations of Gateways and train computers. A computer equipped with the PST, can be connected to any gateway or train computer using either serial or Ethernet connection, providing a single point of access to all coaches within the train set.

key features

The Trainnet® Portable System Tester (PST) is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating Systems.

The Trainnet® PST is a tool for downloading event history data (e.g. faults and alarms) and provides built-in features for examining the data. Additionally, it is a tool for settings the system time and other operational parameters.

The tool features are largely based upon customer requirements and are project-dependant. However, some of the possible functionalities include::

 Set up operational parameters to the Train Computer, such as time, coach number and type or wheel diameter.

View I/O channels statuses as well as TCMS link status and signals.

 Download system faults and event logs.

Keep track of the diagnostic data (faults) already retrieved, and when performing successive retrievals, it downloads only the new, un-retrieved, portion of the data.

Access to system data, including the train bus process and message data, binary tree (Modbus data), etc.

Allows modifying off-line parameter files to edit start-up or functional parameters.

 Allows incorporation of any HTML files into the tool, which typically is used to integrate User and Maintenance documentation.

Customize functions in order to create special reports for selected events, such as Test and Trend Reports, Maintenance Alerts, etc.

Integrate the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) Programming Tool.

The PST tool is protected against unauthorised use with usernames and passwords. Users can be arranged in groups that have different permissions to access the data. Selected functionalities can be granted to staff members according to their role ( e.g. administration rights or different level of maintainer roles with read/write rights or read only possibility).

Published on: 2018-05-15

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