Passenger Coaches

Passenger Coaches

Passenger Coaches
Rising passenger safety and comfort requirements lead to more complex coach equipment. Wether you look for a standalone system for your coaches or require controls from the locomotive, we can help you develop a complete management system for your coaches.
system integration

Trainnet® enables the integration of all your coach sub-systems. It provides a unique point of control over all sub-systems (including third-party systems) and facilitate communications across the train via a common Train Communication Network (TCN). The train architecture is simplified and cabling is reduced, enabling cheaper development, installation and maintenance. The Trainnet® TCN allows combination of various bus technologies including WTB, MVB, CAN, S/L and Ethernet. Automatic inauguration enables the operator to easily add or remove coaches: the train is quickly and automatically configured.

train automation

Trainnet® Train Control and Management System (TCMS) is responsible for the automation of your coaches, facilitating operations. It gives control over all sub-systems, monitoring their status and providing diagnostics in real-time to the crew and control center. The maintenance turn-around times can be greatly reduced as spare-parts can be available when the coach arrives at the depot.

Rules can be set in the Software for fully automated sub-system management, reducing human intervention. Almost any sub-system cab be automated: see illustration for the most common examples.


Trainnet® can also include Passenger Information Systems (PIS) and Public Announcement Systems (PA), sharing travel information and safety messages via displays, audio announcements and even mobile devices. PIS/PA system controls can be made available in the coaches from HMIs or mobile devices. Train-to-wayside Communications are also supported.


Trainnet® Event Recorder is an important safety equipment.


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A full list of references is available here.


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With Trainnet®, you can build a complete system for your train:
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