Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications
Trainnet® Mobile Applications allow sending information to mobile devices in the train. Applications range from implementing a mobile Passenger Information System (PIS) to developing a mobile Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for the train crew.

The Trainnet® Mobile Applications are services accessible from mobile devices present in the train such as smartphones and tablets. In practice they are extensions to your Trainnet® TCMS or VCU: information is exchanged between the train computer and the mobile devices via a wireless network (WLAN).

Trainnet® Mobile PIS

One application is to provide information to passenger mobile phones and tablets, creating a mobile Passenger Information System (PIS). With the Trainnet® Mobile PIS, passengers can access travel information from their mobile devices by simply connecting to the train W-LAN. Passengers can for instance check the train departure time, the train location, train connections, line maps, train speed or even outside temperature. Safety and traffic announcements can also be displayed in real-time. Additional services such as news, weather forecast, the on-board restaurant menu, city guide, games as well as advertisements can be provided to passengers via this mobile platform.

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Mobile PIS             Mobile HMI

Trainnet® Mobile HMI

The Trainnet® Mobile HMI (Human-Machine Interface) enables train managers and train crew in general to access and take control of the train TCMS from their tablet or smartphone via a protected W-LAN.

The train manager can for example switch lights or modify air conditioning from anywhere in the train. The Trainnet® Mobile HMI can include a PIS Manager which enables the train crew to control the Passenger Information System from the mobile HMI.

The PIS Manager can be used by the train crew to send pre-registered or live audio and text announcements to passengers, to their mobile devices but also to conventional PIS displays and loud speakers available in the train. Train system status, faults and alarms can also be monitored by the train crew from the mobile HMI, if desired. Such a mobile HMI can partly or completely replace traditional HMIs usually installed in every coach, thus allowing significant cost savings.

Please watch the short video below for a demonstration of the Trainnet® Mobile Applications.


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demonstrating the Trainnet® mobile applications

The video below shows simple applications of the Trainnet® Mobile PIS and the Trainnet® Mobile HMI.
The demonstration includes the PIS Manager functionality which enables communication between
the Trainnet® Mobile HMi and the Trainnet® Mobile PIS.

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