Planning a new Metro train or refurbishing existing ones? We can help you gain a competitive edge by cutting the cost of development, operation and maintenance of your Metro trains as well as maximizing their availability.
system integration

To be competitive and meet demands, metros are used intensively, sometime up to 18 hours a day. Extreme reliability is required to meet schedules and ensure continuous operations. An efficient train design and architecture provide a competitive edge for the operator by simplifying manufacturing, operations and maintenance.

The Trainnet® platform from EKE enables the integration of all train sub-systems into one single system. All sub-systems can use the same communication networks (you can freely combine WTB, MVB, CAN, S/L, Ethernet etc.) and the same control systems to optimize efficiency. The result is a simplified metro train architecture, with less cabling and equipment which reduces maintenance, saves space and lower costs. Trainnet® modular structure also means that any module can be replaced by another for quick repairs, thus increasing metro serviceability.

Trainnet® was developed with flexibility in mind. It is an open platform enabling easy integration of sub-systems, including third party systems. It enables you to choose exactly what you need. In addition, it makes it easy to combine existing sub-systems with new sub-systems in the case of a refurbishment project. EKE has extensive experience integrating third party sub-systems to Trainnet®, including displays, speakers, cameras, sensors, brakes, traction or batteries.

Our technology allows operators to adjust operations to their passenger demands by adding or removing train sets or coaches thanks to automatic train inauguration. This is especially important to easily optimize metro capacities between and during peak times, for cost-efficiency.

train automation

The Trainnet® platform provides a complete Train Control and Management System (TCMS) which will help automate your metro trains and increase their reliability. Automation provides the means to make operations easier and faster while increasing train availability.

All metro sub-systems can be monitored and controlled by the Trainnet® TCMS. The control can be made fully automatic by setting up rules in the Software. Examples can be the automatic management of door opening, lighting, battery charge or coach temperature. See illustration for some common examples of controlled sub-systems. In addition, protocols such as brake testing or train certification can be made automatic or semi-automatic.

The Trainnet® TCMS provides in-depth diagnostic information in real-time to the driver and maintenance depot. The status of sub-systems is constantly monitored and warnings issued when limits are crossed. It is also possible to program the TCMS to automatically take corrective actions or provide instructions when a problem arise. This diagnostic intelligence contributes to train safety but also reduce costs by improving maintenance and speeding up repairs.


Metro passengers benefit from receiving clear and real-time information about their journey. Travel information enables them to plan better and is an important satisfaction factor. Communications can be varied and can include: station names, line-maps, schedules and real-time traffic conditions updates etc. These communication channels can also be used to convey safety-related messages. Finally, infotainment (e.g. news, weather forecast, videos) can be displayed to enhance customer satisfaction and help generate additional revenues through advertisements.

Trainnet® can not only be used as TCMS or TCN but also as a complete Passenger Information System (PIS) or Public Announcement System (PA). The benefits are obvious: no need to purchase and integrate a separate PIS/PA system. You reduce the overall system footprint and reduce the costs of materials and development.

With Trainnet®, you can develop simple or complex PIS/PA systems using displays, line maps and speakers matching your requirements. Passengers with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets can take advantage of the Trainnet® Mobile PIS application. Passengers can get real-time information on their journey, infotainment and additional services from their devices via the on-board WiFi and the Mobile PIS application.

Finally, Trainnet® Train-to-wayside communication System allows sending train diagnostic data to the depot. Metro fleet management and maintenance is facilitated, helping the operator to maximize metro train availability and customer satisfaction.

onboard safety

Trainnet® systems are recognized for their high reliability. Furthermore, EKE has expertise in implemeting redundancy both at the Sofwtare and Hardware level. When a system fails another automatically takes over, thus dramatically reducing risks of metro immobilization.

The Trainnet® Event Recorder can be used to protect critical train-borne information, including videos. It integrates seamlessly with Trainnet® for a compact and cost-efficient setup. Video surveillance systems are becoming almost standard equipment for metros, improving passenger’s and driver’s safety. Trainnet® can fully integrate and control CCTV systems as well as emergency intercoms.

working with eke

Our extensive experience working with metros and trains in general, combined with the outstanding quality of our products and processes, guarantee you an unparalleled level of service during the life time of your project. Because no train projects are the same, we place flexibility at the heart of our products as well as our way of working.

EKE provides supports for at least 30 years to ensure customer satisfaction during the lifetime of the project.


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 Berlin Metro (Germany)
 Barcelona Metro (Spain)
→ Shenzhen Metro (China)
 MTR Metro (Hong-Kong)
 São Paulo Metro (Brazil)
→ São Paulo Monorail (Brazil)
 Kiev Metro (Ukraine)

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