Trainnet® enables you to develop a single, fully integrated system to manage your freight, passenger or shunting locomotives. With Trainnet® you gain in simplicity, save space and thus lower costs.
System integration

EKE’s technology enables the integration of all locomotive sub-systems (including third party systems) into one common platform, Trainnet®, providing a unique point of control. Cabling can be reduced and maintenance simplified reducing costs of design, installation and repair.

Trainnet® supports the concurrent use of various bus technologies (e.g. WTB, MVB, CAN, S/L, Ethernet) to build the Train Communication Networks (TCN) that you need. Locomotive-to-train or locomotive-to-steering car communication capabilities can be implemented at the coach computer level to build a train-wide system. Please revert to the Coaches, High Speed, and Commuter Trains sections for train-wide solutions.

train automation

The automation of your locomotive can be achieved with the Trainnet® Train Control and Management System (TCMS). All sub-systems can be controlled from a single system.

Sub-system status and diagnostic information are monitored in real-time and provided to the driver and control center. When set limits are reached, actions can be taken automatically or warning messages issued.

Trainnet® allows automation of almost any sub-system, from the synchronisation of traction efforts, to battery charge supervision. The most common examples are listed in the illustration below.


Trainnet® can integrate a Train-to-wayside Communications System, for instance to send diagnostic data to the depot.

onboard safety

Trainnet® can also include video surveillance systems (CCTV), for instance to control the railway tracks. The Trainnet® Event Recorders can be use to store and protect important trainborne data.


 ÖBB Locomotives (Austria)
 VR Locomotives (Finland)
 NJ Locomotives (USA)
 China Railways SS3 and SS4 Locos (China)
 Israel Railways Locomotives (Israel)
 Škoda Czech Railway Locos (Czech Rep.)

A full list of references is available here.


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