ISaGRAF PLC Software



IEC 61131

IEC 61375

UIC 556

Latest Supported Software Version:
ISaGRAF 5.22
Operating System:
Windows 7 32-bit or Windows XP
RAM Memory:
2 GB 
Hard Drive:
20 GB


The ISaGRAF Software is designed for efficient programming of PLC applications of Trainnet® Systems. It is also used for commissioning and debugging. It complies with the IEC 61131standard.

key features

ISaGRAF is a control software environment that enables you to create distributed control systems. It offers a combination of a highly portable and robust control engine (Virtual Machine) as well as an intuitive application development environment (Workbench).

The ISaGRAF Application development Workbench supports all of the standard IEC 61131 control program languages as well as the Flow Chart.

These Languages are:
Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
Function Block Diagram (FBD)
→Ladder Diagram (LD)
Structured Text (ST)
→Instruction List (IL)
→Flow Chart (FC)

You may use any or all of the control languages in your application as it best suits your needs.
The ISaGRAF series of toolkits give you the ability to write your own I/O drivers and supports “C” user programs. Functions and function blocks written in C can be called directly from any of the six supported languages. These routines become an extension of the ISaGRAF languages.

We have already developed number of functions and function blocks that are designed for rail applications. For in- stance for communication over various train networks such as WTB with UIC 556, MVB and for most typically used Ethernet protocols.
All the Trainnet® CPUs (CPG, CPS, and ETC) except CPE include ISaGRAF Linux run time to execute the ISaGRAF applications. The Trainnet® target supports multitasking systems.

We can develop custom functions and function blocks that match your needs. We can provide tools and training to help you develop your own train application. We can also help you building more advanced capabilities to integrate your own I/O devices and C Functions.

Published on: 2021-03-16

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