High Speed Trains

High Speed Trains

High Speed Trains

High Speed Trains are at the forefront of technology to ensure safety and optimal performance. We can help you simplify your train architecture and improve train efficiency, thus saving costs.

system integration

High Speed Trains are equipped with a large number of sub-systems of ever increasing complexity. EKE’s unique technology enables the integration of all sub-systems into one common platform. Our platform, Trainnet®, allows integration of EKE sub-systems as well as virtually any third-party sub-systems, thus greatly simplifying your high speed train architecture. Cabling can be dramatically reduced and maintenance simplified reducing costs of design, installation and repair.

Our technology allows operators to adjust operations to their passenger demands by adding or removing train sets or coaches smoothly thanks to automatic train inauguration: the train is quicly and automatically configured and ready to resume operations. We design Train Communication Networks (TCN) that match your needs perfectly, easily combining bus technologies (e.g. WTB, MVB, CAN, S/L, Ethernet) as well as providing large bandwidth when necessary.

Our personal commitment and our year’s long technical expertise guarantees the best possible system integration and system design, minimizing onboard equipment as well as man hours, for cost-efficiency. Our reliable and innovative components as well as production methods minimize your life cycle costs and make your maintenance inexpensive.

train automation

With Trainnet®, you can develop a complete Train Control and Management System (TCMS) to automate your High Speed Train. Automation provides the means to make operations easier and faster while increasing reliability.

The Trainnet® TCMS provides a unique point of control over all train sub-systems. It monitors sub-system status and provides diagnostics in real-time to the driver, train crew and maintenance depot via conventional displays or mobile devices. The TCMS automatically take action and issue relevant instructions, simplifying train management and improving customer comfort. Performance and efficiency can be improved by analysing collected data and taking corrective actions.

Trainnet® allows automation of almost any sub-system, from control of air conditioning to lights, from bearing temperature measurement to lateral vibration monitoring, from door control to tank level monitoring and battery charge supervision. Please revert to the illustration below for the most common examples.


Trainnet® also takes care of Train-to-wayside communications, for instance sending train data (e.g. system diagnostics) to the depot. Train fleet management and maintenance is facilitated, helping the operator to maximize train availability.

Trainnet® can also be used as Passenger Information Systems (PIS) and Public Announcement Systems (PA). Safety messages and travel information can be announced via displays and loud speakers. Given the relatively long time spent on board High Speed Trains and long distance trains, infotainment (e.g. news, weather forecast, videos) can also be displayed to enhance customer satisfaction. Advertisment can help generate additional profits. The Trainnet® Mobile PIS application enables passengers to access travel information, infotainment and onboard services from their own mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

onboard safety

The higher the speed, the higher the risks. High speed trains more than any other require outstanding reliability and safety features. With more than 97% of products not experiencing any failure over 10 years of use, Trainnet® product reliability places EKE train management systems among the most reliable in the world. In addition, we provide support for at least 30 years for all EKE products to ensure customer satisfaction during the entire lifetime of the project. We are experts in minimizing risks.

EKE product designs include unique safety features and we have extensive experience implementing redundancy at both the Software and Hardware level. Redundancy ensures that in the unlikely even a module fails, another takes over its duties allowing the train to continue to operate seamlessly.

We provide SIL-2 certified (Risk Reduction Factor 100-1000) functionalities for safety-critical features, including the monitoring of train speed, bearing temperature and lateral vibration.

The Trainnet® Event Recorder is easily integrated to the Trainnet® platform, for a cost-effective solution to protect critical train-borne information. Video surveillance systems and emergency intercoms can also be integrated to Trainnet® to improve passenger safety.

working with eke

Our extensive experience working with High Speed Trains combined with the outstanding quality of our products and processes guarantee you an unparalleled level of service during the life time of your project.  Because no train projects are the same, we place flexibility at the heart of our products as well as our way of working.


Talgo AVRIL (Spain)
 Talgo Dual Trains (Spain)
 Haramain Trains (Saudi Arabia)
Cairns Tilt Train (Australia)
ZELRI High Speed Train (China)
G7 High Speed Train (Korea)
Pendolino Trains (Russia, Finland)
Eurotunnel Le Shuttle (UK, France)*
Moscow-Kyiv/Berlin Trains (Russia)
Virgin Cross Country DEMU (UK)*
* not high speed trains (speed < 200 km/h)

A full list of references is available here.



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EKE Trainnet eRIOM front 210w
Trainnet® Ethernet Remote Input/Output Module (eRIOM) with SIL-2 certified I/O modules

With Trainnet®, you can build a complete system for your train:
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