Commuter Trains

Commuter Trains

Commuter Trains
Commuter Trains can be in service up to 20 hours a day. This means reliability, operational efficiency and quick maintenance are necessary to ensure viable operations. We can help you improve train operation and serviceability.
system integration

Commuter Trains are equipped with a large number of onboard sub-systems to meet the demand for flexibility and high frequency of urban transportation while providing speed and comfort for longer journeys.

EKE’s technology enables the integration of all sub-systems into one common platform, Trainnet®, thus greatly simplifying your train architecture. EKE has extensive experience integrating third party sub-systems to Trainnet®, including sensors, brakes, traction, batteries, displays, speakers, cameras and air-conditioning, to name a few. With Trainnet® you can develop hybrid Train Communication Networks (TCN) which combine different bus technologies such as WTB, MVB, CAN, S/L and Ethernet.

Cabling and Hardware in general are dramatically reduced, thus lowering the costs of design, installation and repair. Trainnet® modular design also contributes to speed up maintenance: Trainnet® Modules can be replaced within minutes for quick turnaround times.


EKE’s Trainnet® platform allows you to develop a complete Train Control and Management System (TCMS) which will make operations easier and faster while increasing train availability. The Trainnet® TCMS provides a unique point of control over all train sub-systems. It monitors sub-system status and provides diagnostics in real-time to the driver, train crew and maintenance depot via conventional displays or mobile devices. The TCMS automatically takes action and issues relevant instructions, simplifying train management and improving customer comfort. Performance and efficiency can be improved by analyzing collected data and taking corrective actions.

Trainnet® allows automation of almost any sub-system, from control of air conditioning to lights, from door control to tank level monitoring and battery charge supervision. Please see illustration for the most common examples. Operations and processes can also be automated: some examples, important to commuter trains, are described below.

Every now and then, train sets need to be added or removed to adjust to the demand. If the train communication backbone is based on either Ethernet or WTB bus technology, automatic train inauguration can be performed. This means your train is instantly configured and ready for operations. Train sub-systems communicate with each other and can also automatically take over duties of failing systems. MVB does not allow automatic inauguration, but EKE has developed a solution to dynamically configure trains using MVB bus as backbone.

EKE has also developed a fully automated Train Certification solution, which will run a pre-defined in-depth check of all the critical elements of the train. If the test is passed, the log can be printed out, signed by the driver, and placed in the log-book. If again the test fails, the system will highlight the problem, and advise what could be done to solve the issue.


As described earlier, Trainnet® TCMS controls sub-systems and handles communications throughout the train. It makes sense to use the same communication and automation capabilities to build other systems onboard the train. By using Trainnet® as TCMS, TCN, Passenger Information System (PIS), Public Announcement System (PA) and Train-to-wayside Communication System you dramatically reduce the system footprint and save on material and development costs.

Passengers increasingly expect travel information to be provided in trains as it can help them plan their journey better. Infotainment (e.g. news, weather forecast, videos) can also enhanced passenger satisfaction and even help generate additional revenues through advertisements. Trainnet® can run PIS/PA from the most simple to the most complex. Trainnet® PIS/PA can include displays, line maps and speakers to share safety messages and travel information. With the Trainnet® Mobile PIS application, passengers can get real-time information on their journey, infotainment and additional services from their mobile devices via the onboard WiFi.

Trainnet® also takes care of Train-to-wayside communication, for instance sending train data (e.g. system diagnostics) to the depot. Train fleet management and maintenance is facilitated, helping the operator to maximize train availability and customer satisfaction.

onboard safety

Trainnet® product’s proven robustness place EKE train management systems among the most reliable in the world, thus maximizing the serviceability of your Commuter Trains. For all our products, we provide at least 30 years support.

EKE product designs includes unique safety features and we have extensive experience implementing redundancy at both the communication network and hardware level, for risk reduction.

We can provide you with up to SIL-2 certified (Risk Reduction Factor 100-1000) functionalities when required, for instance for speed measurement.

The Trainnet® Event Recorder is easily integrated into the Trainnet® platform, for a cost-effective solution to protect critical train-borne information.

Video surveillance systems and emergency intercoms can also be integrated into Trainnet® to improve passenger safety.

working with eke

Our extensive experience working with EMUs, DMUs, and Commuter Trains in general combined with the outstanding quality of our products and processes guarantee you an unparalleled level of service, during the life time of your project. Because no train projects are the same, we place flexibility at the heart of our products as well as our way of working.


 Sydney Waratah EMU (Australia)
 Hunter Railcar DMU (Australia)
 SL X61Commuter Trains (Sweden)
 Flirt EMU Trains (Finland)
 Regio-Shuttle DMU (Germany)
 AGC Regional Trains (France)
 EMU EWU60 Trains (Poland)
 Czech Railway EMU (Czech Rep.)
 MML Hull Trains (UK)
Sm1, Sm2 and Sm4 EMU (Finland)

A full list of references is available here.



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EKE Trainnet Solution MVB-GW-IO front 230w
Trainnet® MVB Gateway (redundant)

available vme and i/o slots in trainnet® racks

3U 20 TE 2 1 0 3 480 000 h  
3U 44TE 3 5 0 1 830 000 h  
3U 44TE RIOM 1 0 8 2 330 000 h  
3U 84TE 3 7 8 980 000 h  
3U 84TE - Dual     Left




970 000 h The right back plane has an extra VME slot
that usually remain unused
3U 84TE - RMM 4* 7 0 1 440 000 h 28TE* reserved for RMM or third party equipment
3U 84TE RIOM 1 0 18 1 130 000 h  
6U 84TE Select a 3U 84TE rack version 850 000 h (RMM) The other 3U fits 2 x 1U ESU

* If using RMM, please note it uses 1 VME slot (leaving 3 out of 4 free)



With Trainnet®, you can build a complete system for your train:
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