Automation and Diagnostics Applications

Trainnet® TCMS and VCU can run applications for the control and monitoring of train sub-systems such as HVAC, doors, brakes, PIS/PA, CCTV, train batteries etc.

Mobile Applications

Applications for the exchange of information between the train and mobile devices present onboard. You can develop a HMI on tablets for your crew or a PIS for mobile phones.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

SIL-1 and SIL-2 safety systems and functions for railway applications.

Axle box bearing temperature monitoring

Monitoring of hot axle box temperature by on-board systems to detect failing bearings. Can replace traditional Hot Axle Box Detection System (HABD).

Automatic Selective Door Operating system (ASDO)

The ASDO technology gives you the ability to open different train doors at each station to maximize safety and customer comfort.

Vigilance Control System - Dead Man's Switch

The Trainnet® Vigilance Control System (VCS) or Dead Man's Switch increases train safety by checking the train driver vigilance at all times.

SmartVision™ Remote Condition Monitoring System (RCMS)

The SmartVision™ Remote Condition Monitoring System enables near real-time analysis of train data to improve train availability, maintenance and performance.

Lateral Acceleration Monitoring (LAM)

The Trainnet® Lateral Acceleration Monitoring (LAM) system controls lateral train vibrations to improve safety and passenger comfort.

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