Refurbished train as good as new

Case study: complete overhaul for a train as good as new

brief facts

Route: Metro Line 3, Säo Paulo, Brazil
Number of cars: 150 (25 trains of 6 cars)
Deliveries: 2010-2013
Scope of supply: Train Communication and Management System (TCMS) including an Ethernet Train Communication Network (TCN) and advanced diagnostic functions, Event Recorders with Rugged Memory, Passenger Information System including destination indicators and dynamic line maps, CCTV system, driver displays, driver intercoms, Passenger Emergency Intercoms.

SaoPauloMetro Sketch
Illustration: São Paulo Metro Line 3 - Installed Trainnet® system

project highlights

150 cars from the 80s were stripped off all existing equipment and furniture for a complete overhaul. EKE developed and delivered a complete solution for train control and train operation: see illustration above. In the case of the Säo Paulo Metro Line 3, the choice of fixed consists combined with the need for a large CCTV system and extreme reliability pushed EKE to develop an Ethernet Train Communication Network (TCN) with 1Gbps Optical Backone in a ring configuration. This technology enabled redundancy for reliability purposes and large bandwidth to handle big amount of data.

A complete Train Control and Management System (TCMS) was developed to allow control, monitoring and diagnostic over all train sub-systems from the drivers’ displays. Event Recorders with Rugged Memory, Passenger Information Systems (PIS) including destination indicators and dynamic line maps, Passenger Announcement Systems (PA), video surveillance systems (CCTV), driver displays, driver intercoms and Passenger Emergency Intercoms were integrated to Trainnet® for a compact and cost-efficient train management system.

The Trainnet® Gateways mainly relied on Ethernet technology but MVB, CAN and serial link interfaces were added to connect with sub-systems such as traction, doors and air conditioning to name a few. Input/output interface modules were also added to allow for instance Trainnet® to control battery voltage, detect emergency brakes activation or door emergency opening.

EKE’s modular and open Trainnet® technology allows the development of efficient systems matching customer needs perfectly. EKE designs extremely reliable systems minimizing components and Software development for cost-efficiency at the development and maintenance phases. With Trainnet® you can build one single system to manage your train. Trainnet® is both open and flexible, enabling you to have full control on developments.

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