Solution for refurbishment and new trains

Case study: one solution for refurbishment and new trains

brief facts

Route: DMU trains, line Brisbane – Cairns, Australia
Number of cars: 29
Deliveries: 1999-2003, 2010-20013
Scope of supply: Train Communication and Management System (TCMS) including a WTB-MVB Train Communication Network (TCN) and advanced diagnostic functions, PIS Displays, Train Data Loggers, Driver Displays, Diagnostic crew displays, GSM Train-to-wayside communication system.

CairnsTiltTrain TrainnetSystem
Illustration: Cairns tilt trains Trainnet® system

project highlights

The Cairns Tilt Train project started in 1999. The trains were originally planned for operation on the 1,670 km main line between Brisbane and Cairns in eastern Australia. The project is a joint venture between Queensland Rail and EDI Rail Walkers Pty Ltd.

A Trainnet® system was installed in the trains including a comprehensive Train Communication and Management System (TCMS) with advanced diagnostic functions, a WTB-MVB Train Communication Network (TCN), a Passenger Information System (PIS) with displays, train data loggers, driver and train crew interactive displays and a GSM train-to-wayside communication system for communication with the depot. The TCMS enabled control over the entire train, for instance on the diesel engine, the AC and DC electric networks, tilt setup, doors, lights, HVAC, fire alarm and extinguishers in locomotives, etc.

In 2010, a retrofit of the cars was started leading to some new features such as the addition of an air compressor unit and a second tilt controller which are both controlled from the TCMS. In parallel, new cars were manufactured with the same updated system. This example illustrates how Trainnet® can be used for refurbishment projects but also as part of completely new trains. That way it is possible to have a uniform fleet with fully compatible systems for more flexibility in operations. It is also easier to develop and maintain, as engineers and train crews only need to work with one system.

Finally, having Trainnet® on board each train means you have full control. You can have ownership of the Software and the intellectual property. You can even develop applications yourself thanks to Trainnet® open Software, and use it across the entire fleet. This gives you free hands to upgrade or modify your trains whenever you need it, what may be impossible with closed systems usually provided by train manufacturers.

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