SmartVision™ Setup

SmartVision™ Setup - How does it work

This pages describes how SmartVision™ RCMS can be setup. For an overview of SmartVision™ please click here.

Example of SmartVision™ Multifleet Setup


SmartVision™ Data Acquisition is performed by Gateways placed in each train. The Gateway collects data from the train and sends it to the wayside. SmartVision™ Data Acquisition can be implemented on all your fleets. It is possible to collect different data from different types of rolling stocks. SmartVision™ allows you to centralize all your fleet diagnostics and monitoring into one single system.

The SmartVision™ Gateway is modular and can be designed to collect data from virtually any onboard system, either via direct connections to sensors and systems, or by simply connecting to an existing train network which already collects the required information.

Remote Input/Ouput Modules (RIOM) can be used to collect data in the train in order to reduce cabling. New sensors can also be added if needed. Then, the information gathered is transferred wirelessly to the wayside via 3G/4G and Wi-Fi, from where it is sent to the SmartVision™ server to be stored and processed.

The onboard Gateways are built by selecting the interface modules required for each particular train type. The available communication interfaces include Ethernet, MVB, CAN, Serial Links as well as digital and analogue inputs, to name a few.
This modularity makes SmartVision™ suitable for fleets made of several types of rolling stocks, from various manufacturers and from different generations.

Example of SmartVision™ Modular Gateway.
Each rolling stock type is equipped with a customized Gateway to enable efficient data collection for the specific rolling stock type.


SmartVision™ provides a high level of protection for the exchange of information between the rolling stocks and the wayside. SmartVision™ can be implemented on secured cloud servers or on your own servers. Cybersecurity measures are taken to guarantee the privacy of your data and avoid intrusion.
Firewalls are used for restricting access to the SmartVision™ gateways and servers. The use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between the trains and the wayside allows for secure encrypted connections within the VPN tunnel.
Further details as well as other security measures are discussed in the project definition phase.


The SmartVision™ Software is available as a Software as a service (SaaS) providing you with a turn-key solution for your rolling stock remote condition monitoring.

SmartVision™ utilizes server virtualization and is based on microservice architecture. This allows basically limitless scalability providing always the optimal computing power to process the varying data flow from your fleets as well as to execute the analysis procedures initiated by the users. This brings also great flexibility when adding new fleets or applications to the system.

SmartVision™ offers a wide range of applications including online monitoring, condition monitoring, predictive analytics, trains on map and driver assistance. Features and user interfaces can be customized to match your maintenance process and your fleets.

SmartVision™ open interfaces allow easy integration with other systems, for instance external big data analysis systems or maintenance management systems.

Data like fault reporting, positioning, train schedules, passenger counting and video surveillance information can also be exchanged with other backend systems.

SmartVision™ allows the use of different user profiles. The user interfaces and user rights can be customized for each user group. Operating center, maintenance planning, depot or fleet management personnel can all be provided with a SmartVision™ graphical user interface tailored to their needs.


Example of SmartVision™ Online Monitoring Dashboard.
For more screenshots examples, please visit the SmartVision™ Main Applications page.

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