Passenger Information System (PIS)

Passenger Information System (PIS)

Passenger Information System (PIS)

Trainnet® Passenger Information System (PIS) provides passengers with information in real-time via a set of displays and audio announcements.

EKE Trainnet PIS

The Trainnet® PIS is built upon the powerful Trainnet® platform (TCMS and/or TCN).

Keeping passengers informed easing orientation and allowing them to plan their journey better increases passenger comfort and satisfaction. The information to be conveyed via the PIS is completely based on your project requirement and can be transmitted via screens and loud speakers. It may include line maps, entertainment, advertisements, train current position, next station, line number, train destination, estimated departure time, estimated arrival time, connections, and information about disruptions.

fully integrated system

Trainnet® PIS is usually used together with the Trainnet® Train Communication Network. All displays and speakers are connected directly to the Trainnet® Train Communication Network (TCN) for easy and efficient integration. The display of information and synchronized audio announcements can be automated based on the train location (e.g. using GPS technology), for instance annoucing the next station prior to arrival. Alternatively the change of information can be manually triggered by providing the train driver or train captain with an interactive PIS interface where he can select the desired station or other message to announce. Similarly, the display of journey related information, safety and disruption announcements, advertisements, entertainment and any other kind of information can be rationalized by providing manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic control.

tailored to your needs

Over 25 years of experience in train automation has taught us every project is different. PIS technology can be adapted to match your needs. You can freely choose the number and specifications of screens and speaker, and technical specifications in general. EKE can select or recommend third-party hardware for you based on your specifications or use some you have chosen. Similarly, you can develop your own Software applications or let EKE provide you with a turnkey system.

pis on mobile devices

A web browser based passenger information service can also be set, providing line maps, timetables, train connections and other desired information over a protected WLAN network. Customers can freely access the service with their own smart phones or tablets from anywhere on-board. Read more about the Trainnet® Mobile PIS here.



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