EKE-Electronics Ltd. is a world leader in train automation and Train Management Systems. EKE-Electronics is a division of the EKE Group, a privately held company founded in 1961 in Finland.

eke-electronics ltd.

EKE provides leading technologies to train manufacturers, operators and integrators for efficient train manufacturing and operations. We provide tailored solutions for system integration, train automation, train communications, train diagnostics and improved safety.

We have solutions for high speed trains, commuter trains, metros, trams, passenger coaches and locomotives.

EKE is the expert for Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS), Train Communication Networks (TCN), Vehicle Control Units (VCU), Gateways (MVB, WTB, CAN, Serial Links, Ethernet), Ethernet Train Backbones (ETB), Ethernet Switches, Remote Input/Output Modules (RIOM), Train Event Recorders and Remote Condition Monitoring Systems (RCMS).

Our systems can include Passenger Information Systems (PIS) and wireless communication capabilities for a complete turn-key solution.

We have already installed tens of thousands of systems around the world and continue to serve our customers with the highest quality and reliability.

EKE is IRIS certified and our products comply with the railway industry standards such as EN 50155.


The EKE Group is an international company with diversified business units. EKE-Electronics is one of 3 main divisions operating within the EKE Group. The 2 other business units are involved in the construction of residential areas and business premises and the leasing of business premises.

The EKE Group shareholders are committed to long-term business development allowing each division to have a very stable organization.

This strategy is pivotal in retaining employees and protects internal know-how. As an example, most of EKE-Electronics employees have been working for the group for more than 10 years and as a consequence have incomparable knowledge and experience. 

EKE-Electronics Ltd. holds the certificates of LRQA:

1. Management system has been approved by LRQA to the standards of ISO 9001:2015 and the scope of approval is applicable to design, development, management of production and maintenance of electronics systems for the railway industry. The document can be downloaded here. 

2. IRIS Certification® Conformity assessment:2020 and is based on ISO/TS 22163:2017 for 
Design and Development and Maintenance for the scopes of certification: 08 (Control apparatus for train operations), 09 (Passenger Information Systems (PIS)), 10 (Communication, monitoring and safety equipment) Design and maintenance of electronic systems for the railway industry. The document can be downloaded here.

more than 50 years of history

1961 Foundation of the EKE Group in Finland

1986 EKE Group acquires KLT Electronics Oy, later renamed EKE-Electronics, an engineering company specialized in databus, robotics and automation. A young engineer joins EKE after leaving the Finnish Railways and recognizes the potential of using EKE automation technology in trains. The company starts to develop the EKE Trainnet® product range together with the Finnish Railways.

1987 The first EKE Trainnet® railway compliant gateways are developed.

1990 First international projects with the London Underground Central Line (TMS system) and cooperation with Bombardier Transportation. Today international projects represent more than 90% of EKE’s activities and Trainnet® systems are in in more than 30 countries.

1992 First Event Recorder and Speedometer deliveries.

1995 First tilting train system project

1996 First IEC 61375 standardized TCN trainbus gateway developed

1999 First system with online train-to-wayside connection (GSM)

2002 First Event Recorder delivery to high-speed trains

2004 First project with Alstom Transport

2005 ISO 9001 Certification

2007 First fully Ethernet-based TCMS worldwide delivered by EKE. The first project with Siemens Transportation took place the same year.

2008 First Event Recorder with Rugged Memory Module for Video and first TCN gateways with integrated Passenger Information Controller are delivered. First deliveries of Linux-based CPU-platform for improved system openness and performance.

2009 First project with Škoda Transportation.

2010 First IRIS Rev.02 Certification. First projects with Patentes Talgo.

2011 First Optical Ethernet Network for Metro Trains. First project with Vossloh.

2012 First SIL project competed and certified (EN50128). First deliveries of ETB (Ethernet Train Backbone) node solution.

2013 First SIL-2 certifications for EKE monitoring systems. Shanghai office opened.

2014 Mobile HMI and mobile PIS made available.

2016 Onboard Mobile Gateway with integrated LTE (3G, 4G), WiFi and GPS.

2016 Largest order to date from London Underground for DTS system.

2017 Partnership agreement signed with Sella Controls in United Kingdom.

2018 Downer-CRRC High Capacity Trains Melbourne project.

2019 Acquisition of Humaware, the UK-based predictive analytics company.

2019 Patentes Talgo Tren Hotel project.

2019 Cooperation agreement with VR FleetCare for development of bogie and track condition monitoring.

2020 Patentes Talgo DB project.

2020 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation makes strategic investment into EKE-Electronics Ltd.




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